Frequently Asked Questions


Which markets are you mainly targeting?

Metafyed primarily targets markets in Asia, focusing on the digitalization and tokenization of real-world assets in this region. The company aims to tap into Asia's rapidly growing market for tokenized assets and leverage the regulatory acceptance of digital securities.

Which licenses does Metafyed currently have?

Metafyed  is currently working with NASDEX which is a licensed and regulated in the Philippines by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and in Malaysia through the Labuan Financial Services Authority, holding a securities dealership license in both, allowing NXMarket to service a global client base and deal securities through a licensed and compliant platform. Both licenses enable Metafyed to operate within the regulatory frameworks of various jurisdictions and provide secure and compliant tokenization and trading services to its issuers and community.

What is the Cyberport grant?

The Cyberport grant is a funding initiative that Metafyed has been selected as one of the incubatees for Hong Kong Cyberport  program. The program provides more than just money. The program supports the development and expansion of Metafyed through funding, resources, connections and partnerships. This grant also helps in enhancing Metafyed's technical and operational capabilities, fostering growth, and driving innovation within the blockchain and tokenization space.

What RWA does Metafyed focused on

We are a agnostic asset platform so we are looking into a diverse range of real-world assets, including real estate, financial securities, and commodities. This broad approach allows the platform to cater to various investment needs and opportunities.

Will there be an index investment product for your asset-backed tokens?

Yes, Metafyed plans to offer index investment products for its asset-backed tokens, providing investors with diversified exposure to a range of tokenized assets. This approach helps mitigate risk and offers a structured investment option.

How do you cater to different investor risk appetites?

Metafyed caters to different investor risk appetites by offering a variety of tokenized assets with varying risk and return profiles. The platform provides detailed information and due diligence on each asset, enabling investors to make informed decisions based on their risk tolerance.

Are you multi-chain?

Yes, Metafyed operates with multi-chain capabilities, allowing it to leverage the strengths of various blockchain networks to enhance the security, efficiency, and scalability of its tokenization services.

What’s NASDEX and how are they affiliated?

NASDEX is a digital securities exchange that partners with Metafyed to facilitate the trading and tokenization of real-world assets. The affiliation helps Metafyed leverage NASDEX's platform and regulatory compliance to offer secure and efficient tokenization services to its users


What is KYC? Is it mandatory to pass the KYC?

KYC, or Know-Your-Customer, is a mandatory set of practices required by licensed platforms in order to verify customer identities and ensure that they are who they say they are. In order to complete KYC, you will be required to upload a number of documents including (but not limited to) your passport/government-issued ID information page, a picture of you holding your passport, and uploading your proof of address.

Is my personal data protected?

Yes, your personal information and data will not be shared or disclosed with any third parties with the exception of the relevant regulatory authorities.

How do I get started?

To register an account on Metafyed, simply click here ( and click "Get Started"  and follow the necessary steps.

Is it safe to invest on Metafyed?

Metafyed partners with NASDEX which holds a securities dealership license in the Philippines through the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and in Malaysia through the Labuan Financial Services Authority regulatory body and adheres to the strictest compliance, regulatory, and cybersecurity standards, meaning it is safe to invest on Metafyed.

What wallet/currencies options are available?

Security Token Offerings are on the Solana chain with the options of connecting through Metamask, Solfare, Ledger and WalletConnect

Who can invest?

Eligibility depends on the specific offering and jurisdictional regulations. Both accredited and non-accredited investors can participate, subject to compliance.

What is a security token?

A security token represents ownership in a real-world asset or company and is subject to securities regulations, providing rights like dividends or voting power.

What is a rolling close?

A rolling close allows the investment round to close in stages as capital is raised, rather than waiting for the entire funding goal to be met.

What is a custodial account and how does it affect my investment?

A custodial account is managed by a third-party custodian who holds and safeguards assets on behalf of the investor, adding an extra layer of security.

What is a security token?

A security token represents ownership in a real-world asset or company and is subject to securities regulations, providing rights like dividends or voting power.

What types of documents can I use to verify my identity or for KYC?

Commonly accepted documents include passport, driver's license, and national ID card.

Why do I have to verify my identity or go through KYC?

Identity verification and KYC are required to comply with regulatory standards, prevent fraud, and ensure platform security.

Why do you need a valid form of ID?

A valid form of ID is necessary to verify your identity, ensure compliance with regulations, and protect against fraudulent activities.

What types of tokenized assets are available for investment on the Metafyed platform?

Metafyed offers a variety of tokenized assets, including real estate, financial securities, and commodities. These assets are carefully selected and undergo thorough due diligence before being listed on the platform.

What are the benefits of holding $MTFY tokens, and how do they enhance the investment experience?

Holding $MTFY tokens provides benefits such as access to exclusive tokenized projects, discounts on transaction fees, staking rewards, and participation in governance decisions. These tokens enhance the investment experience by offering additional incentives and opportunities for active engagement in the platform's ecosystem.

How does Metafyed handle the liquidity of tokenized assets and facilitate exits for investors?

Metafyed facilitates liquidity through its secondary market trading platform, allowing investors to buy and sell tokenized assets easily. The platform's structure ensures wider access to liquidity and financial agility, enabling investors to exit their positions when needed.

What measures are in place to ensure compliance with AML and KYC regulations for investors?

Metafyed implements strict AML and KYC procedures for all investors, including identity verification, wallet address checks, and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance with local and international regulations.

How does Metafyed's governance model work, and what role do investors play in decision-making processes?

Metafyed's governance model allows $MTFY token holders to participate in key platform decisions, such as asset listings, fee structures, and revenue-sharing changes. Investors can vote on project-specific matters, influencing the platform's direction and policies.

What is the legal age to invest in projects listed on the NXMarket platform?

The minimum age to invest into any project on Metafyed  is 18 years old.

What is the min and max investment size?

The minimum investment amount on Metafyed is at the discretion of the listing party, but recommended guidelines are $100 USD, with maximum investments being up to the entire listing amount.

How can I check the updates for my investment?

Projects are required to provide regular updates to investors via the Metafyed platform, with notification when yields generated are ready to send back to customers based on respective project's nature.

How do I invest on Metafyed?

To invest on Metafyed, create an account, complete KYC verification and select an investment opportunity, and follow the instructions to make your investment.

How much can I invest?

The amount you can invest depends on the specific investment opportunity and your investor profile. Minimum and maximum investment amounts may vary.

How does the WHITELIST work?

The whitelist process involves pre-registering interested investors before an official investment round opens.

Can international investors invest?

Yes, international investors can invest on Metafyed, provided they comply with their local regulations and complete the necessary KYC/AML checks.

What is a utility token?

A utility token provides access to a product or service within a blockchain ecosystem. It is not a financial investment and does not provide ownership or profit-sharing rights.

What do terms Issuer, Offering, and others mean?

Issuer: The entity offering the investment opportunity. Offering: The investment opportunity presented to investors.
KYC: Know Your Customer process to verify identity.
AML: Anti-Money Laundering regulations and procedures.

How secure is the verification process?

Metafyed uses advanced encryption and security measures to ensure the verification process is secure and your personal information is protected.

My ID verification is still pending, what do I do?

If your ID verification is pending, check for follow-up emails from Metafyed. If no communication is received, contact Metafyed support for assistance.

Where can I upload my ID?

Upload your ID directly on the Metafyed platform during the KYC verification process.

Does it restrict to individuals? Can I invest as an entity or Trust?

Metafyed allows investments from both individuals and entities, including trusts, provided they complete the necessary verification and comply with regulations.

How does Metafyed ensure the security and integrity of investments made on its platform?

Metafyed ensures security and integrity through smart contract audits, AML and KYC checks, secure transaction protocols, and partnerships with third-party escrow services. The platform also employs robust data encryption and secure storage methods to protect investor information.

What is the process for participating in initial offerings and secondary market trading of tokenized assets?

Investors can participate in initial offerings by registering on the Metafyed platform, completing KYC and AML checks, and purchasing tokens during the offering period. For secondary market trading, investors can buy and sell tokenized assets on the platform's marketplace, benefiting from increased liquidity and market access.

Can you provide detailed information on the expected returns and risks associated with investing in tokenized assets on Metafyed?

Expected returns vary based on the asset class and specific project. For example, secured bonds may offer returns of 12%, while private real estate projects could yield 15%. However, investments carry inherent risks, including market volatility and asset-specific risks. Metafyed provides detailed information on each asset, including risk assessments and potential returns, to help investors make informed decisions.

How does Metafyed's tokenomics work, and what incentives are there for long-term holders of $MTFY tokens?

Metafyed's tokenomics includes a tiered membership structure, transaction fee discounts, staking rewards, and performance-based rewards. Long-term holders of $MTFY tokens benefit from exclusive project access, platform rewards, and participation in governance decisions, enhancing their overall investment experience.

What partnerships and affiliations does Metafyed have that add value to its investment ecosystem?

Metafyed partners with strategic organizations like TechStars, Solana, and Off-chain Vancouver. These partnerships enhance the platform's capabilities, provide access to exclusive projects, and ensure compliance and security through third-party services.


What’s the tokenization process? Estimated timeline from inception to tokenization?

The tokenization process includes creating and deploying smart contracts, incorporating legal documents for compliance, automating transactions, and managing tokens through a comprehensive dashboard.  The estimated timeline for issuers to launch a token, from inception to tokenization involves several phases and can be complete within 6 - 8 weeks, with significant milestones and activities from both the issuer, platform and communities.

What can I tokenize on Metafyed?

To tokenize your assets and list on Metafyed's partnered exchange, you need to provide yield-generating assets and/or dividends to customers. These include, but are not limited to, product lines, rented properties, franchises/franchisees, funds, and more.

What is the payout/settlement process and timeline?

Funds will be held in an escrow account, which will then be released in accordance with the payout schedule agreed with the account manager.

Can I access the data of my investors?

To comply with GDPR regulations, you will not have access to the investors. You will, however, be able to communicate with your investors through your social media channels and through your dedicated account manager on the NXMarket platform.

What types of Real-World assets can Metafyed tokenize, and what are the benefits of tokenization for your enterprise?

Metafyed can tokenize real estate, financial securities, and commodities. The benefits of tokenization include increased liquidity, removal of intermediaries, simplified management, enhanced transparency, and improved accessibility to a global investor base.

How does Metafyed's platform enhance liquidity and market access for tokenized assets?

The platform's digital infrastructure streamlines ownership, secure transactions, and lasting records, making it easier for investors to buy and sell assets. Going forward, Metafyed's platform will further enhance liquidity by enabling the trading of tokenized assets on secondary markets, providing global exposure, and facilitating faster transactions.

How are transaction fees and costs structured on the Metafyed platform?

Metafyed charges a simple 1% fee to facilitate services and a percentage of the capital raised for projects. Additional costs may include fees for token creation, compliance, licensed exchanges fees and other partner services.

What are the steps involved in the initial screening and due diligence process for issuers?

The initial screening includes evaluating the issuer's team background, company incorporation, product and scope, business model, market, unique value proposition, and terms. Due diligence involves fact-checking, verifying eligibility, and reviewing supporting documents. Final approval requires submission of audited and notarized documentation to licensed exchanges.

Will you offer secondary market trading of asset-backed tokens?

Yes, Metafyed plans to offer secondary market trading of asset-backed tokens, allowing investors to trade these tokens on our partnered platforms, thus enhancing liquidity and providing more opportunities for investors to realize returns on their investments.

How do I get started?

To tokenize your project or company's assets on Metafyed, simply fill out this form and a dedicated Account Manager will be in touch with you directly.

How can I tokenize my assets/project?

To tokenize your project, you are required to fill out this form and your dedicated account manager will be in touch within 24 hours.

How can I trace my project progress?

You can access your project progress on Metafyed's Management Dasboard, with a real-time tracker in place during the fundraise period.

How to remove my listing from Metafyed?

Upon the completion of the fundraising activity on the Metafyed platform, your listing will remain under the ‘Listed Projects’ but community members will no longer able to subscribe to whitelist or invest on your tokens.

How does Metafyed ensure compliance with local and international regulations during the tokenization process?

Metafyed operates with the necessary licenses and adheres to regulatory standards in various jurisdictions. The platform ensures compliance by incorporating legal documents, performing AML and KYC checks, and working with licensed exchanges.

What kind of support does Metafyed offer issuers in terms of marketing and reaching global investors?

Metafyed offers comprehensive support, including personalized marketing strategies, exposure to a global investor base, and assistance in managing community and investor relations. The platform also provides tools to visualize token circulation, investor transactions, and tokenholder details through our Management Dashboard

How does Metafyed handle due diligence and verification of assets before tokenization?

The due diligence process involves initial screening, detailed evaluations of the issuer's team, company incorporation, product scope, business model, market, and unique value proposition. Fact-checking, terms verification, and submission of audited and notarized documentation to licensed exchanges are also part of the process.

How are you solving the liquidity in RWA?

Metafyed solves liquidity issues in real-world assets by enabling the tokenization of these assets, which facilitates easier buying, selling, and trading on the blockchain. This process increases financial agility and provides wider access to liquidity on-chain. Going forward, we will work with the issuers for secondary market.

Metafyed's Community

What are the benefits of joining the Metafyed community, and how can members participate in platform activities?

Community members benefit from access to exclusive investment opportunities, educational resources, and rewards for participation. They can engage in platform activities by staking $MTFY tokens, participating in governance voting, and joining community events and discussions.

What opportunities are available for community members to invest in tokenized assets, and how are these opportunities communicated?

Community members can invest in a variety of tokenized assets, including real estate, financial securities, and commodities. Investment opportunities are communicated through the platform's dashboard, newsletters, and community channels, providing detailed information on each project and how to participate.

What educational resources and support does Metafyed offer to help community members understand tokenization and blockchain technology?

Metafyed provides a range of educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, whitepapers, and articles. These resources help community members understand the principles of tokenization, blockchain technology, and the specific features and benefits of the Metafyed platform.

What is the platform token?

The platform token for Metafyed is $MTFY. This token is central to the platform's operations, offering various benefits and utilities to its holders, including transaction fee discounts, staking rewards, and participation in exclusive projects and governance decisions.

How does Metafyed ensure transparency and trust within its community of investors and issuers?

Metafyed ensures transparency through regular updates, detailed project information, and open communication channels. Trust is built through compliance with regulatory standards, robust security measures, and a clear governance structure that involves the community in decision-making processes.

How does Metafyed handle feedback and suggestions from its community to improve the platform and its services?

Metafyed values community feedback and actively seeks suggestions through surveys, forums, and direct communication channels. The platform regularly reviews and implements community-driven improvements to enhance user experience and service quality.

How are community members rewarded for their participation and contributions to the Metafyed ecosystem?

Community members are rewarded through staking $MTFY tokens, earning platform rewards, and receiving exclusive access to investment opportunities. Participation in governance voting and active engagement in community

What are the MTFY token benefits for holders? / What is MTFY utility values?

- Exclusive access to tokenized projects and investment opportunities.
- Discounts on transaction fees when using $MTFY.- Staking $MTFY to earn a share of platform rewards.
- Performance-based rewards based on asset success and trading volume.
- Participation in governance decisions regarding key platform aspects.